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Looking for a wedding photographer with an eye for beauty? You have come to the right place. Here at Flagstaff Wedding Photographers, you will receive photographs and an experience that is sought after. Call today!

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Flagstaff Wedding Photographers

Welcome to a wonderful sought after experience with Flagstaff Wedding Photographers. Searching for a wedding photographer can be difficult. We want to make it easy for you to find everything you are looking for. We have multiple wedding photography services to choose from and a photographer to fit your style. You want your wedding photoshoot to be memorable and fun.

Providing you with a calm, cool, and collected photographer that knows how to have a good time and is dedicated to your day being its best is our priority.

With engagement photos, wedding ceremonies, bridals, vow renewal, anniversaries, and elopement we have it all for you.

About Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

You having the least stressful and most enjoyable wedding day is at the top of our list of priorities. We love catching you falling in love all over again during your session and helping it be a natural and exciting time. Our goal when you receive your photos is that you will actually FEEL something. Feel those emotions of your day and fall in love over and over again when you look at your amazing images.

We have a strong track record of satisfied customers. The wedding photography reviews we get are very complimentary and we receive many referrals from our past clients.

We are considered the best in Flagstaff AZ and the surrounding areas for the quality of products and services couples receive.

Having your photos 100% reflect your personalities and who you are as a couple is one of the many things we are considering while shooting your session. Getting photos of those natural and unposed moments makes for amazing photos. Every wedding photographer should capture those raw, artistic, emotional moments of every wedding. We get to be a part of so many amazing moments on people’s special wedding day and we could not be happier about it. We love our job!

Why Choose Us?

We want to hear about your adventures, plans, and dreams for your wedding event. That is why you should choose us. Getting to know you so we can photograph your wedding in the best way possible is one of our goals. We can’t just be the stranger with a camera, it's not in us. We get emotional, we want to feel all the feels along with you and your guests. This is how we get the great shots.

We have been helping couples have not only an amazing experience on their wedding day but receive gorgeous photos to enjoy for years to come. Over the years we have photographed hundreds of weddings and will continue to for years to come. It is our passion.

Wedding photographer cost is usually a concern for most couples. Taking that into account, we have created many different wedding photography packages to fit with everyone’s budget. If this is a concern for you, we would like to discuss options with you and make it work.

High caliber service and professional photographers make us a sure choice to capture your wedding day. Call and schedule with us. Let’s get to know each other and make some incredible photos together. Call today!

What To Expect?

Having an authentic and fun wedding experience is just as important as beautiful photographs, right? We think so. That is what you will get when you choose Flagstaff wedding photography. We consider it an honor at our photography studios to be a part of your first day together as a couple. Knowing that we understand how important this day is to you, we know it needs to be talked about and planned. We make time to figure out all the details that will help us shoot your day in a stress-free way. We will make a wedding day agenda and lead you through the process smoothly. Planning is key.

The day of your event is such an exciting time but can be stressful. Thankfully we will have worked through all the details and you can relax and enjoy every minute with your family and friends.

The anticipation of receiving your wedding photos can be intense. It is an exciting moment. We won’t make you wait too long to have a sneak peek of a few of them. 3-4 photos will be sent to you to share on your social media 1-3 days after your event. Anywhere from 3-4 weeks after your wedding, you will have your login username and password sent to you to view your secure online gallery. We love pushing send on that email. We know you will love your pics!


Our Wedding Photography Services

We have so many wedding photography services to offer you. Engagement photography, wedding ceremony photos, or elopement services. Individual bridals are a favorite for many of our brides. We are grateful to offer wedding photography videography videos for your engagement, wedding, elopement, anniversaries, or vow renewal to you as well.

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Wedding Ceremony

Shooting from the heart is most important for us on your wedding day. We will capture the beauty in every moment of the day. We shoot half-day or full-day sessions for you and can customize a package that fits best for you and your needs. “Best wedding photographer near me” or “wedding photographers near me” is your question. We are the answer to your wedding ceremony photographer needs.

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Engagement photographer

We have a professional engagement photographer for you. “Engagement photographers near me” is the first thing searched when you have decided to make getting married a permanent choice. Beautiful, elegant, and artistic photos are a priority for you. It is also our goal and ambition to get great photos for you to share of your engagement. We strive to ensure the shooting style matches your personality and shows the special love you have for each other.

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Bridal Photography

A stunning individual session of the bride is an opportunity for breathtaking heirloom photos. These are beautiful formal photos of the bride in the gown she has chosen for her wedding day. We can do these in the studio or at the location of your event. If you would like a totally different location, we can accommodate that also.

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Elopement photos and videography are a must-have. You want to have an intimate ceremony with just you two but also want to share it with family and friends. We are here to make it shareable with them. You also want the memories to last a lifetime and that is what we are here for.

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Anniversary / Vow renewal

A wedding vow renewal is a special occasion. This is an event to remember and adds to the vows you shared with one another at your wedding. Wedding photographers Flagstaff AZ create beautiful photos of this event for you. Additionally, we like to provide our services for anniversaries all along the way. Getting photos on your anniversaries creates a momentous timeline of your life together.

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Wedding Videographer

We are happy to say we can now provide a wedding videographer for your event. This is a service most couples are now wanting on top of the photography services. Our videographers have high expectations for themselves and produce astonishing videos. If you would also like to have your engagement captured in a video, we want to share our talents with you and create a wonderful video for you.

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About Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff AZ has a plethora of things to do for the outdoor enthusiast. You can make a trip to the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course with its high ropes and zipline tours. Or head up north and hike one of the many trails that lead to the 6 highest peaks in Arizona. Lowell Observatory houses the Discovery Channel’s telescope and is a fun family activity. Head down to explore the many events and shops in Historic Downtown and spend some time in Wheeler Park. Flagstaff has a population of 75,752 in 2020. Northern Arizona University is the largest employer in the city and contributes a huge amount to the economy here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever photographed our venue before?

We have photographed many venues but if you have one that we have not, that is not a problem. We have the skills and know-how. We will make it a priority to go and visit your venue before the event if this is the case.

How long before we receive our photos?

We have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks to get your login information for your online gallery. 6-8 weeks for the final delivery of physical products, canvas, wedding photo books, prints, etc.

Can we have the raw, unedited photos?

Sifting through all of your photos to find the best of the best is our job. Any photos that do not make the cut will not be saved or delivered. You will get only the edited gorgeous images of your photo session.

What is the process for booking our wedding date with you?

Having the first meeting to make sure it is a good match is a must. All wedding sessions will require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit to save your date.

Will I need a login for my online gallery?

Yes! When your gallery is ready we will send you login information to your secure gallery on our wedding photography Flagstaff AZ site.

Do you provide wedding videography near me?

Yes! We do now have a Flagstaff Wedding Videographer that works with our studio.

Customer Testimonials

Choosing Flagstaff wedding photography was a no brainer. We can’t say enough good things, they are fantastic! So professional and at a great price.

Keith and Sandra G.

We had some kinks with our wedding that needed to be worked through and Flagstaff wedding photographers were such a great help since they have done this so many times. It took the stress out of what could have been a very anxious situation. Communication was so easy and our photos are amazing!

Zack and Courtney S.

Truly an amazing studio to work with. We enjoyed the company of our photographer and felt comfortable with the agenda we decided on. It was so seamless and well thought out.

Gavin and Kelsey A.

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Your answer to “how to find a wedding photographer” is answered with wedding photography Flagstaff. Receiving a collection of eye-catching elegant photos from a professional photographer for your wedding event, at a price that fits your budget, is what we can do for you. And we will do it with the highest quality care and service.

We can’t wait to be your third wheel. It is kind of our favorite thing.

You have made it this far. Are you thinking about reaching out and booking a date? We want to discuss with you how Flagstaff Wedding Photographers can help. Give us a call today.

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